ExoClick integration in CPV Lab Pro

Step 1: Define a new Traffic Source for ExoClick

  • CPV Lab Pro comes with the ExoClick Traffic Source pre-configured in the Traffic Sources pages, so in this case all you have to do is import it from the Catalog.

  • This will import the ExoClick Traffic Source and you will see it available in the Traffic Sources page from CPV Lab Pro.

  • The detailed configuration for the ExoClick Traffic Source is the following:

ExoClick import


NOTE: In order to have matching statistics in CPV Lab Pro and ExoClick, you need to pick EST timezone for this Traffic Source (GMT-4)

Step 2: Create a Campaign

  • In your CPV Lab Pro campaign setup page select ExoClick as the Traffic Source and choose the Predefined Extra Tokens that you want to capture.

ExoClick Campaign

Step 3 (optional): Setup the Postback URL

  • In order to track conversions into the ExoClick platform, you need to setup the Postback URL from ExoClick as the Additional Traffic Source Pixel in the Campaign setup page from CPV Lab Pro.
  • The Postback URL should contain the CPV Lab Pro macro {!tscode!} (for Unique Click ID).
  • Enter the following Postback URL as additional pixel in the Campaign Setup page from CPV Lab Pro:


ExoClick Postback URL


If you have CPV Lab Pro V5+, then the Additional Pixel will be automatically filled for the selected Traffic Source.

You need to change "[GOAL_ID]" to your ExoClick Goal that was created and can be found on the Conversion Tracking screen in your ExoClick account.

Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM