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  • By default CPV Lab Pro has several default offer sources listed (they include all affiliate networks). On this page you can easily add and edit any offer source.
  • After having your Offer Sources saved, when adding or editing offers, you’ll simply select the offer source using the dropdown menu.
  • Once the Offer Sources have been added, you will be able to Edit, Delete or Export them under Current Offer Sources.

Page fields and details

  • On the Offer Sources page you can:
    • Add a new Offer Source from a predefined catalog
    • Add a new Offer Source by importing an XML file
    • Add a new Offer Source manually
    • Update/Delete Existing Offer Sources

Offer Sources Page

1. Add a new Offer Source from the catalog

  • Click on the "Import Predefined Offer Source" button
  • Click on the logo of the Offer Source that you want to import
  • The Offer Source is loaded and all the fields are filled with data
  • Click "Save"
  • The Offer Source will be listed in the table below and it can now be used in your campaigns

2. Add a new Offer Source by importing an XML file

  • deprecated setting which was removed in version 10.0
    • Click on the "Browse" button next to the "Upload Offer Source file" control
    • Select the XML file
    • Click "Upload"
    • A message will show up saying that the Offer Source was imported
    • Check the list of Offer Sources and find the one that was newly uploaded

3. Add a new Offer Source manually

To Add a new offer source manually, you need to fill all the fields from the Offer Source page

  • Go to the Offer Source page (under Settings menu)
  • By default the "Add new Offer Source" form is shown
  • Start filling the fields from the form
    • Offer Source / Affiliate Network Name - Enter a Name for the Offer Source; If using your own offers you can enter anything you wish. In-House, Private, etc.
    • Revenue Parameter - is readonly and is by default setup to "revenue"; this is the parameter used to pass the revenue back to the offer
    • Postback URL - is the postback URL that will be used to send information back to the Affiliate Network; the parameter names are the ones used by CPV Lab Pro (subid and revenue) and the Tokens are provided by each Affiliate Network
    • Offer Template - the format for the offer URL containing the parameters from the Affiliate Network and the associated tokens from CPV Lab Pro
  • Here you can find more details about parameters and tokens for each Affiliate network

  • Example:

    • if you are using "Let's CPA" Affiliate Network
    • The Postback URL will have this format http://{your-domain}/adclick.php?subid={sub2}&revenue={sum}
      • the parameters subid and revenue are the CPV Lab Pro parameters that you have to send to the affiliate network
      • the values for each parameter are the tokens provided by the Affiliate Network. In this case they are {sub2} and {sum}
    • The Offer will have the following format: {your_offer_url}&ref_id={!subid!}
      • the parameter name, ref_id, is the one requested by the Affiliate Network
      • the token is the standard CPV Lab Pro token, {!subid!}

4. Update/Delete Existing Traffic Sources

  • In the list of Offer Sources, each record has the following buttons available:
    • Edit - to edit the offer source
    • Delete - to delete the offer source
    • Export - to export an XML with the offer source settings (you can afterwards import it with a different name)

Offer Sources

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