CrakRevenue Integration

Below you will find details on how to setup and use CrakRevenue Offers in CPV Lab Pro.

How to use CrakRevenue in CPV Lab Pro

  • For CrakRevenue you need to use the CPV Lab Pro Postback URL provided in the campaign setup page and you need to make sure the unique subID is passed back from CrakRevenue to CPV Lab Pro for each conversion.

Step 1. Add CrakRevenue as an Offer Source

  • Go to Settings ➡️ Offer Sources
  • Add CrakRevenue as an Offer Source

Add CrakRevenue Offer Source

  • The setup for CrakRevenue offer source will be like this:

Add CrakRevenue Offer Source

  • In the CrakRevenue interface go to Link Customization and add {!subid!} for the Sub ID 1 textbox.
  • Check Your Tracking link section and make sure the URL contains &aff_sub={!subid!}

NOTE: you can use any name you want for the wildcard; We are using the {!subid!}standard CPV Lab Pro placeholder to be able to use it easily in the Offer section

CrackRevenue Tracking Link

Step 3. Pass the unique subID to CrakRevenue

  • Create a campaign in CPV Lab Pro
  • Now you have 2 options to pass the subID to the offer
Option 1: Append subID to Offer
  • Make sure that you have checked the Append SubID to Offer option in your campaign.

Add Subid to offer

  • Then add &aff_sub= at the END of your CrakRevenue Offer URL.
    • CrakRevenue supports using either aff_sub, either aff_sub2 as parameters for the subID.
  • The Offer URL should look something like:


Add Offer to Campaign

Option 2: Use specific CPV Lab Pro placeholder

Important: Use this option only if at Step 2 above you use {!subid!} placeholder as Sub ID 1

  • Go to CrakRevenue interface in the Your Tracking link section
  • Copy the offer link (make sure it contains aff_sub={!subid!})
  • Go to the campaign page in CPV Lab Pro
  • Paste the offer link in the offer section

CrakRevenue Option 2

Step 4. Enter the Conversion Postback URL

CrakRevenue Step4

And this is all that needs to be done. You will pass the unique subID for each visitor from CPV Lab Pro to CrakRevenue in the aff_sub parameter, then CrakRevenue will pass the converting subID back to CPV Lab Pro in the Postback URL call in the subid parameter.