Clickbank Instant Notification

  • [Clickbank] ( uses a different format for the Postback URL and passes encrypted details about conversions.
  • CPV Lab Pro (opens new window) offers a dedicated Clickbank Postback URL that will decrypt data and mark conversions in the database.
    • In order to decrypt data you need to define the same Secret Key both in Clickbank and in CPV Lab Pro.
    • The Secret Key can have a maximum of 16 uppercase letters and digits.

You’ll setup your campaign as you normally would but when entering your Clickbank offers you need to allow the steps below:

1. Select Clickbank as the Offer Source.

  • Clickbank must be selected as the Offer Source or the SubIDs will not work correctly.
  • CPV Lab Pro generally uses spacing characters _ in SubIDs, but these types of characters are not allowed in Clickbank Tracking IDs.
    • So when Clickbank (exactly as show) is selected then CPV Lab Pro will automatically change the spacing character in the SubIDs to “z” in order to pass correctly to Clickbank.
  • Go to Sources -> Offer Sources and import Clickbank from the catalog.

Offer source Clickbank tools

2. Entering Clickbank Offer URLs

  • Go to "LP & Offers" menu and add your Clickbank offers
    • make sure you select Clickbank as your Source
    • you can add the offers directly in the campaign setup as well
  • When entering Clickbank Offer URLs, be sure to include the Tracking ID Parameter they support to the end of the offer URL followed by the "subid" macro as: &tid={!subid!}

Offers Clickbank parameters

3. Setup Clickbank Instant Notifications for Conversion Tracking

  • In your Clickbank Account

    • go to the My Site page under Vendor Settings menu, then click Edit in the Advanced Tools section

    Advanced tools

    • enter the secret key that you set above
    • set the Instant Notification URL to: http://cpvlabpro-domain/adclick-cb70.php
      • make sure you replace cpvlabpro-domain with your actual domain name
    • Select Version 7.0 and then Click TEST IPN.

    Test IPN

  • If the URL is correct, you should see a Verified message appearing next to the URL

    Verify IPN

  • Clickbank will automatically send the following parameters to the URL:

    • ctid – the Clickbank transaction ID which must be setup to be the CPV Lab Pro subID
    • caccountamount – the conversion revenue (in cents)
  • CPV Lab Pro will read these 2 values and mark the correct conversion in the database, as well as store the actual revenue, then execute any additional server-to-server pixels setup for that campaign.

  • Because the Clickbank performs a POST request, any 3rd party pixels entered as image, iframe or script won’t execute

    • so in this case only server-to-server 3rd party pixels will fire (those are entered as simple URLs in the campaign setup page).
  • The Clickbank pixel allows multiple conversions from the same subID.

    • If the pixel fires more than once for the same subID, CPV Lab Pro will sum the revenues that were sent from Clickbank.
  • Go to the Configuration Editor page (under Settings) and edit the Clickbank Secret Key and Clickbank Sale Status variables;

    • Enter the same Secret Key that you have entered in your Clickbank account previously:

    Clickbank key

Potential Issues & Solutions

1. Error message when entering the Instant Notification URL in Clickbank


  • if you get the error : The service returned the response code 503 when entering the Instant Notification URL in Clickbank (image below)

Clickbank error response code 503

  • This error may appear when you have Cloudflare enabled on the tracking domain and "Bot Fight Mode" enabled in the Firewall section from Cloudflare.


  • Cloudflare will consider the Clickbank requests as bot requests and they will get blocked.
  • The solution is to disable the "Bot Fight Mode" in the Firewall section from Cloudflare.

Find more details in the video below:

Video Tutorial for setting up your Clickbank campaign in CPV Lab (opens new window)

Last Updated: 2/18/2023, 11:27:36 PM