Traffic Sources

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  • On the Traffic Sources page you can:
    • Add a new Traffic Source from a predefined catalog
    • Add a new Traffic Source manually
    • Update/Delete Existing Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources

1. Add a new Traffic Source from the predefined catalog

  • Click on the "Import Predefined Traffic Source" button
  • Click on the logo of the Traffic Source that you want to import
  • The Traffic Source is loaded and all the fields are filled with data
  • Click "Save"
  • The Traffic Source will be listed in the table below and it can now be used in your campaigns

2. Add a new Traffic Source manually

To Add a new traffic source manually, you need to fill all the fields from the Traffic Source page

  • Go to the Traffic Source page (under Settings menu)
  • By default the "Add new Traffic Source" form is shown
  • Start filling the fields from the form
    • Source name - Enter a Name for the Traffic Source
    • Source ID - Enter a Unique ID for each Traffic Source
    • TimeZone - Select the Timezone the Traffic Source uses for their Stats Interface
    • Postback URL - Enter the format for the Postback URL supported by this Traffic Source (Optional)
      • The Postback URL is used in Server2Server (S2S) postback
      • Each traffic source has its own parameters included in the Postback URL (the parameters come from Traffic Source)
      • However, when entered in CPV Lab Pro the Traffic Source Postback URL must contain the CPV Lab Pro tokens ({!tscode!} for the unique visitor code and the optional {!revenue!}). Additional details in the predefined tokens page
    • Bidding - Select the Type of Bidding/Pricing (CPC - Cost Per Click / CPV - Cost Per View)
  • Here you can find more details about parameters and tokens for each Traffic Source

3. Update/Delete Existing Traffic Sources

  • In the list of Traffic Sources, each record has the following buttons available:
    • Edit - to edit the traffic source
    • Delete - to delete the traffic source
    • Export - to export an XML with the traffic source settings

Traffic Sources

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