About CPV Lab and CPV One

About CPV Lab and CPV One

Check out everything you need to know on how to use CPV tracker (opens new window) marketing tracker!

There are 2 options for a link tracker:

Both CPV Lab and CPV One (opens new window) are used by affiliate marketers, media buyers, performance marketing agencies and ecommerce owners to track, test and optimize their marketing campaigns from one single place.

What is it?

CPV Lab Pro (opens new window) is a self-hosted software used to track your campaigns so you can make quick and accurate decisions to improve your Revenue and ROI. It is a performance marketing tracking platform that will track multi channel marketing campaigns in one single place.

  • Self-Hosted & secure
  • Track & optimize everything
  • Multi channel tracking
  • Unlimited events tracked
  • Easy to use & integrate
  • Post iOS 14 accurate tracking


CPV One (opens new window) is the cloud version of CPV Lab ad tracker. This means, same powerful ad tracking but without worries for server maintainance.

Some key Features

Feedback appreciated!

We’re constantly developing and improving CPV Lab (opens new window) by adding new features, many of which are requested by users. Please let us know about any features you would like to see added to CPV Lab Pro. Fill the form here (opens new window) and ask what feature you need within the tracker.

Nothing is too crazy!

Thank You!

CPV One marketing tracker is live! (opens new window)

Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM