TrafficJunky integration in CPV Lab Pro

Step 1. Setup the TrafficJunky traffic source in CPV Lab

  • Go to the Traffic Sources page from the Settings menu and add/edit the TrafficJunky traffic source

Traffic Junky Catalog

  • Update the PostbackURL field with your Unique information from your TrafficJunky account (check Step 2 below ).

TrafficJunky Configuration


NOTE: These tokens vary from one traffic source to another, but the setup in CPV Lab is similar for all traffic sources, just the wildcard differ. The traffic source TrafficJunky (opens new window) sends a unique code for each visitor in the Campaign URL (base.php) page, they call it "aclid".

Step 2. Add CPV Lab as a tracker in your TrafficJunky account

  • In order to have TrafficJunky (opens new window) generate all the necessary information for your Postback URL, you need to add CPV Lab Pro as a tracker in your TrafficJunky account
  • In your TrafficJunky account go to: Tools -> Conversion Trackers and add CPV Lab Pro as a tracker

TrafficJunky account add tracker

  • After you have a Conversion Tracker created, go an check the Invocation Code where you will find your Postback URL with all your information

TrafficJunky Invocation Code

TrafficJunky Postback URL

Step 3: Create a Campaign in CPV Lab

  • In your CPV Lab Pro campaign setup page select TrafficJunky as the Traffic Source and choose the Tokens that you want to capture.

TrafficJunky Campaign

Step 4 (optional): Setup the Postback URL

  • In order to track conversions into the TrafficJunky platform, you need to setup the Postback URL from TrafficJunky as the Traffic Source Postback URL in the Campaign setup page from CPV Lab Pro.
  • The Postback URL should contain the CPV Lab Pro macro {!tscode!} (for Unique Click ID).
  • The Traffic Source Postback URL will be automatically filled for the selected Traffic Source in the Campaign Setup page, but you need to select/check it order to have it used (check image below).

TrafficJunky Postback URL

  • If the Postback URL is not available (it was not setup or was deleted for this Traffic Source) then you can enter the following Postback URL as Traffic Source Postback URL in the Campaign Setup page from CPV Lab Pro:[TRANSACTION_UNIQ_ID]&ctv={!revenue!}&ctd=[TRANSACTION_DESCRIPTION]&aclid={!tscode!}


  • The Traffic Source Postback URL section can be found under "Links&Pixels" section in the Campaign setup page;

  • If you update the Postback URL with your unique information on the Traffic Source page (check step 1 above), then for each campaign using TrafficJunky as a Traffic Source, the Postback URL will be loaded with the information already prefilled.

TrafficJunky Postback URL

Step 5: Add the Campaign URL as Target URL in your TrafficJunky campaign

  • Copy the Campaign URL from your CPV Lab Pro campaign (you can find it under the "Links&Pixels" section on your campaign page)
  • Go to your TrafficJunky account and create a campaign
  • On Step 2, put the Campaign URL from CPV Lab Pro as a Target URL
    • all the Tokens will be automatically added in the Campaign URL in CPV Lab Pro, so you have to just copy the Campaign URL and Paste it in the Target URL field

TrafficJunky campaign target url

Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM