MyLead integration in CPV Lab Pro

Who is MyLead?

MyLead (opens new window) is a comprehensive platform created to earn money online. They have ready-made tools and functionalities that allow every person with Internet access to generate profit. MyLead is a global affiliate network distinguishes by innovative! For 5 years of activity, they have built a strong position in the affiliation industry, getting valuable awards for everyday work towards their users.

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How to use MyLead in CPV Lab Pro

Below you will find details on how to setup and use MyLead (opens new window) Offers in CPV Lab Pro (opens new window).

  • For MyLead you need to use the CPV Lab Pro Postback URL provided in the campaign setup page and you need to make sure the unique subID is passed back from MyLead to CPV Lab Pro for each conversion.

Step 1. Add MyLead as an Offer Source

  • CPV Lab Pro comes with the MyLead Offer Source pre-configured in the Offer Sources catalog, so in this case you just have to import it from the catalog.

Import MyLead

  • The detailed configuration for the MyLead Offer Source is the following:

Add Addiliate Offer Source

Step 2. Select an offer/campaign from your MyLead account

  • Login to your MyLead account and go to the "List of Campaigns"
  • Select an Offer that is OK for you and click "Join"
  • After joining a campaign, create an URL for it
    • you may have to wait to get approval, like specified in the image below

MyLead URL create

MyLead URL create

  • Once you get the Offer URL go to step 3 below.

MyLead Offer URL source

Step 3. Pass the unique subID to MyLead

Create a campaign in CPV Lab Pro and follow the instructions below:

  • on the campaign setup page, in the "Offer" section you can:
    • add a predefined offer - in this case you need to first add the MyLead Offer to the list of predefined offers.
    • add a new Offer directly for this campaign (as described below)
  • Enter your MyLead Offer URL with the ?ml_sub1={!subid!} parameter
  • You can find the Offer URL Template on the Offer Source setup page, as described at Step 1 above.


  • Such an Offer URL that contains the ml_sub1 parameter will allow MyLead to capture the subID generated by CPV Lab Pro

MyLead Offer URL


If this is your first campaign, just follow the instructions from this video tutorial:

Video Tutorial for setting up your first CPV Lab Pro campaign (opens new window)

Step 4. Get your CPV Lab Pro postback URL

  • Go to the Links&Pixels section on the campaign setup page
  • Since MyLead is already integrated in CPV Lab Pro, the S2S Postback URL will show up, as in the image below:

MyLead Postback URL

  • Copy the Postback URL in clipboard
  • Go to your MyLead Account to the Postback section

MyLead menu Postback

  • Enter your Postback URL as:


MyLead CPV Lab Pro Postback URL

  • This Postback URL will tell MyLead to send back to CPV Lab Pro the converting SubID, the revenue for the conversion, the status and the transaction Id.

Well Done! Now your campaign is connected with your account from MyLead!

Last Updated: 4/23/2020, 2:34:33 PM