Adding Landing Page & Offer URLs to Campaigns

Within all the Campaign Types there are a few general rules to follow to ensure CPV Lab Pro (opens new window) is setup correctly to track your campaigns.

Offer URLs:

  • Always enter Offer URLs WITH the subID parameter, but WITHOUT a value.
  • The subID value will be appended automatically by CPV Lab Pro to the Offer URL when the “Append SubID to Offer” option is checked
  • For Example:
  • Different Offers Sources such as Affiliate / CPA Networks use different SubID variables, such as: SID=, s2=, TID=, SD=, etc.
  • Just make sure you are using the proper variable for the Affiliate / CPA Network you're working with
  • Also, if you are working with a network or offer that does NOT support the use of SubIDs, simply Uncheck “Append SubID to Offer” in the Campaign Settings (check the image below)

Uncheck Append SubId to Offer

  • You can add an offer in the Campaign Setup page or you can add predefined Offers for each Source in

Settings ➡️ Offer Management

Add Edit Offers

Landing Page URLs:

  • Always enter Landing Page Urls WITHOUT a subID parameter



When setting up campaigns always use the same URL format (with or without 'www', http or https) with all of your tracking links (base2.php , base3.php , etc) in the landing pages.


Last Updated: 6/6/2019, 4:24:09 PM