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click lookup

  • Using this page, you can view all the details captured about a visitor based on the submited Subid or ClickID.

Page fields and details

  • The page has just one input field where you can paste the Subid value or clickID.

  • Once you click the "Lookup" button, all the information about that visitor is loaded.

  • You will get:

    • Campaign Data - like campaign, offer page, conversion, conversion date, referrer, etc.
    • Geo Data - IP, Country, City, etc.
    • Device Data - information about the visitor device and operating system
    • Traffic Source Tokens - information tracked in all the Traffic Source Tokens and Extra Tokens defined for that campaign
    • Offer Source Tokens - information tracked in the Offer Tokens
  • Check below how it works:

click lookup demo

Last Updated: 6/14/2021, 11:18:56 PM