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  • Upload your Traffic Spending Reports and add your Converting SubIDs to create an accurate view of your overall spending and profit.

A. Page fields and details

Upload Reports Page

1. Select Campaign

  • Select the Campaign for the Report
  • Or Select All Campaigns if you are using a bulk formatted CSV.
  • See the Ad Spend Template for Setting Up Bulk Campaign Templates.

2. Date Range

  • Select the Date Range
  • Make sure the downloaded report from your Traffic source matches this date range.

3. Report Name

  • The report name will populate automatically and you can change the name if needed.

4. Take Spending Data from

  • You have 2 options here
  • "Current Stats" which will use the Current data from the Stats in CPV Lab Pro for this campaign and the set Date Range.
  • "Uploaded Report File" and this is generally what is used for reports
    • First downloading the Spend Report from your Traffic Source for the Set Date Range
    • Then Uploading that Report to CPV Lab Pro.
    • When this is selected, you'll need to upload your spending report to CPV Lab Pro and select the Report Template that applies to the traffic source the report is from.

5. Update Stats CPC/CPV with Average CPC/CPV from upload file

  • When this is checked, CPV Lab Pro will automatically update the Stats CPC/CPV you entered for this campaign on the Campaign Settings page, with a new average that is calculated from the report file you have uploaded.
  • When a bulk report is used, select the 'All Campaigns' option and the process will update the Stats CPC/CPV for all campaigns in the uploaded spending report.
    • The new CPC/CPV value will be calculated as an average of the Uploaded values for each campaign in the spending report.
    • So, if you upload a spending report with records for 3 campaigns, there will be 3 average CPC/CPVs calculated, each one with data from the corresponding campaign only. And only these 3 campaigns will have the Stats CPC/CPV updated with the corresponding average from the spending report.

6. Take Converting SubIDs from

  • You have 2 Options here as well:
  • "Current Stats" which will use the Conversions from the Stats for this campaign and the set Date Range.
  • "Enter SubIDs" and this is generally used, for the purposes of building reports with hard data.
    • When selected, simply copy all your CONVERTING SUBIDS ONLY for the Set Date Range from your Offer Source or your own Cart, CRM, etc.

7. After All Settings are Correct and Data has been entered…

  • Click Save to Create the Report and you’ll see the report was Saved and is ready to view. Upload Reports confirmation



Upload Reports as quickly as possible after download.

For example if you wait 3 days after downloading, and then upload by selecting 'Today' as the interval, this won’t produce accurate results. Because data is extracted from the pasted converting subIDs only the ones from today (as indicated by the selected interval), but the Spending report is now 3 days old, so it doesn't refer to today anymore. Remember to upload only fresh generated Spending reports.

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