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  • Visitors Stats show your Incoming Visitors based on the Intervals you set and Auto-Refreshes the Chart and Data Table.

Page fields and details

Visitor Stats

1. Select Campaign

  • View Incoming Visitors for All Campaigns or a Specific Campaign.

2. View

  • Set to All Visitors, Clicks, Conversions or Clicks & Conversions to Filter Incoming Visitor Stats.

3. Interval

  • Set the Date Range to View Visitors or Set to “24 Hours” or “Today” for the Most Recent Visitors.

4. Edit Campaign

5. Records to show

  • Limits the Number of Records to Show on the Page at one time to make the data more management and easier to view.

6. Auto-refresh every

  • This page will auto-refresh in your browser automatically at this set interval to refresh the Visitor Stats.

7. Refresh NOW

  • When this button is clicked the page will refresh

8. Chart View

  • Select your Preferred Chart View.

9. Filters

  • Click “+” for Options to Filter the Stats by IP, Country or Target/Keyword.

10. Incoming Visitor Stats and Columns

  • Drag-and-Drop Column Titles to Reorder and Arrange the Stats as you prefer.
  • Also, click any Column Title to Sort by the selected Column.

11. Export CSV

  • Click to Export the Current Visitor Stats for the Settings above as a CSV File.

12. Data Options

  • Choose from over 30 Different Data Points to View in the Incoming Visitor Stats.

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