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This Page allows you to sort and view more data regarding your conversions for any of your campaign

Conversions List

Using this page, you can view the Date and Time of your Conversions with Additional Data such as IP Address, Country, State, City, Offer, Revenue and the SubID for each conversion.

Page fields and details

1. Select Campaign

  • Select a Campaign, some campaigns or all campaigns to View Conversions.

Conversions List select campaigns

2. Date Range / Preset Date Ranges

  • Enter a Date Range or Select a Preset Interval

3. Show records by

  • View the Conversions based on the Initial Visit Date or the Date of the Actual Conversion.

4. Converting Visitors Stats and Columns

  • Data table with all the converting visitors for the selected campaign
  • Drag-and-Drop Column Titles to Reorder and Arrange the Stats as you prefer.
  • Also, click any Column Title to Sort by the selected Column.

5. Export CSV

  • Export all Conversion Stats in view to a CSV file.

6.Data Options

  • Choose from over 30 Different Data Points to View in the Incoming Visitor Stats.
  • You have a full list of options available to filter your data: Campaign Data (like page, creative, offers), Clicks and Conversions (Conversion date, Visit Date, etc), Visitor information (IP, Country, State, etc), Extra tokens for the campaign, and Mobile data (Browser, device, OS, Browser Language, etc).

Current Conversions list

1. Search your conversions

  • With the Search functionality you can easily find conversions from a specific Geo, or from a specific Page,etc.

2. Pass exisitng conversions to Traffic Source

  • On the conversions stats page there is a new button to pass conversions to the traffic source
  • This feature will allow you to pass tracked conversions to the Traffic source manually, in case they were not automatically registered
  • Select the conversions you want to pass and click on the $ button to "pass conversions" .

Pass existing conversions to traffic source

Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM