Campaign Types

When you create a campaign in CPV Lab you have to select the campaign type.

Campaign types are predefined Campaign layouts.

  • There are 6 campaign layouts in CPV Lab, each of them designed to help easily setup your campaigns.
  • Having all these templates you can setup any type of funnel, no matter how complex it is.

6 campaign layouts

    1. Direct Link & Landing Page - the most common of all.
    • Easily rotate unlimited landing pages and offers, plus quickly test the effectiveness of landing pages vs. direct linking.
    • Direct Link and Landing Page
    1. Landing Page Sequence
    • Build funnels and lead paths instead of the "traditional" direct link or simple landing page. CPV Lab Pro allows you to create multi-page visitor sequences, featuring opt-ins and multiple offers.
    • Landing Page Sequence
    1. Lead Capture
    • Test multiple lead capture pages using only 1 autoresponder form and quickly see Subscribers, Subscriber Rate and Cost Per Subscriber in real-time.
    • Lead Capture
    1. Multiple Option
    • Quickly test multiple offers from 1 landing page. Great for review style landing pages or when adding Downsells and Upsells to a primary offer.
    • Multiple Option
    1. Multiple Path
    • Setup multiple pages and offers combinations to easily run themed paths, then rotate and control each path to determine the top performer.
    • Multiple Path
    1. Email Follow-Up
    • Track campaign links in your email follow-ups and assign revenue to the initial "optin" campaign to easily determine the effectiveness and profitability of your email marketing efforts.
    • Email Follow-Up

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