Getting Started

To Get Started, there are only a few primary settings to adjust to get up and running quickly.

  1. Change Password
  2. Select Timezone
  3. Set Default Capture Options
  4. Enter Your Offer Sources
  5. Enter Traffic Sources
  6. Setup Custom Tracking Domains (Optional)
  7. Import Mobile Carriers to Reduce Database Calls (Optional)

Once you have the installation completed, Login to your CPV Lab Pro Dashboard:

Default Login Details are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

1. Change Your Login Details

Go to Settings ➡️ General Settings

In the login details section:

  • You can leave the Username as “admin” or enter a new username.
  • Enter the current password: admin
  • Enter a new password and confirm it
  • Click Save

Now your Username and/or Password are updated.

2. Select Your Timezone

Go to Settings ➡️ General Settings

  • Use the Dropdown menu to select your local timezone
  • Click Save.

3. Set your Default Capture Options

Go to Settings ➡️ General Settings

Get Started Get Started 1-2-3

  • Here you select Data Capture Options that will apply to all new campaigns that you create.
  • You can also customize these settings for each individual campaign.
    • Computer Data = Capture Browser Information for Desktop Visitors
    • Computer Resolution = Capture Screen Resolution for Desktop Visitors
    • GEO Data = Capture Continent, Country, State and City
    • ISP / Carriers = Capture ISP and/or Mobile Carrier
    • Mobile Data = Capture All Mobile Data Points
    • Referrers = Capture Referrer Domain and Page
    • User Agent = Capture Visitor User Agent

4. Add Offer Sources

Go to Sources ➡️ Offer Sources

By default CPV Lab Pro (opens new window) has several default offers sources listed. On this page you can easily add and edit any offer source.

Enter the Details required in the form (manually or by using the Offer Source Catalog), then Click Save and from that point on, when adding or editing offers, you’ll simply select the offer source using the dropdown menu.

5. Add Traffic Sources

Go to Sources ➡️ Traffic Sources

  • Follow the steps from the Traffic Sources page and add the Traffic Source you need.
  • Save it and then you can use it in your campaigns
  • The Extra Tokens can be easily used in the campaign setup page in the "Macros & Tokens" section.

Get Started Offer Sources

See also Update Extra Tokens page for more details.

6. Setup Custom Tracking Domains

To setup Custom Tracking Domains, please follow the instructions from Custom Tracking Domains

7. Import Mobile Carriers to Reduce Database Calls (Optional)

  • Import the carriers file named cpvlabpro-carriers.sql into PhpMyAdmin. If you don't import this file, carriers will still be captured correctly, however an extra database call is needed every time a new carrier is found.
  • This optional step Pre-loads the Carrier Database. Again, this step isn’t required but recommended for Users moving high levels of traffic.

Step1. Open the PhpMyAdmin utility from cPanel, select the CPV Lab Pro database and click on the ‘Import’ tab

Import Carriers

Import Carriers

Import Carriers

Step2. Click on the ‘Browse’ button and select the cpvlabpro-carriers.sql file from the CPV Lab Pro installation package.

Import Carriers

Step3. Click on the ‘Go’ button and PhpMyAdmin will start to execute file and once the process is finished you will see a confirmation message.

Last Updated: 6/14/2021, 11:18:56 PM