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  • This feature allows you to update conversions in your Campaign Stats, which is useful to update stats where the pixel misfired or in the event you can’t place a tracking pixel.

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Update Conversions

1. Select Campaign

  • Select a Campaign to Update the Conversions
  • If you are using Only SubIDs then you can Select All Campaigns and Conversions will only be applied to those SubIDs in any campaign.

2. Additional Details

  • Revenue and Conversion Date
  • To use this feature when you paste the converting subIDs enter them as 'subId|revenue' and the revenue specified for each conversion will be stored in the database and used in all calculations for that conversion (Stats, Trends).
    • For example: lkdiwof_39_elf3|2.15
      • "lkdiwof_39_elf3" - Converting SubID
      • "|" - separator
      • "2.15" - Unique Payout

3. Enter Converting SubIDs or IP Addresses

  • Enter your CONVERTING SUBIDS or IP ADDRESSES in the text box, 1 per line
  • If using IP Addresses
    • This method has one disadvantage: if there are 2 clicks in the same campaign coming from the same IP address and only one actually converted, when uploading that specific IP address, CPV Lab Pro won’t know exactly which one of the clicks converted, so both clicks will be marked as conversions.
    • But when there is only one click from an IP address, everything functions as usual.

4. Remove Existing Conversions for the Selected Campaign

  • If you’re concerned about Pixel Misfires or False Conversions then simply remove all existing conversions and then upload your Converting SubIDs or IP Addresses for the life of the campaign.
  • If you check this option, make sure the converting subids you're entering are for the entire life of the campaign.
  • If you don't check "Remove existing conversions" and you upload the same converting subids twice, it only count as one conversion.


  • Click the Save button to update your conversions

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