Tracking as a Merchant/Product Owner

  • Using CPV Lab Pro to track your own products or offers, is easy since you have full control over all the pages.

  • Example:

    • let’s say you have a product and your offer page is at:

    • On this offer page, visitors then click “Buy Now” and are taken to the Check out page where they enter their details for purchase and click through to your payment processor.

    • After completing their purchase, visitors are then sent to an order thank you page or order confirmation page.

    • the setup is simple. The conversion path is:

    Offer Page –click➡️ Check out Page –click ➡️ Payment Page –purchase ➡️ Thank You Page

1. Setup your Campaign details as usual

  • But, since you are the Merchant in this case
    • you can change the Redirect Type to Direct
    • no need to worry about passing the referrer
    • You can also uncheck “Pass SubIDs to Offer” unless, your Cart or CRM supports the use of SubIDs.

Merchant Redirect Type

2. Next Enter your Offer Page / Sales Page as the Landing Page in CPV Lab Pro

Merchant Landing Page

  • On this page, add the code from your Step 2: Add Code to Landing Pages Paste on Landing Page before the </body> tag

    • you can find the code on the "Links & Pixels" section on the Campaign Setup page Merchant Landing page code sample
    • Then set the link on the “Buy Now” button or link to:

3. Then Enter your Checkout Page as the Offer

Merchant Offer setup

4. Place the Tracking Pixel on your Order Thank You / Confirmation Page

  • Place your tracking pixel on the Thank you or Confirmation page
  • In this example the Confirmation page is:

  • You’ll add your pixel in the page above:

<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" />

Last Updated: 6/6/2019, 4:24:09 PM