Tracking as a Merchant/Product Owner

Using CPV Lab Pro or CPV One to track your own products or offers, is easy since you have full control over all the pages. When you have your own ecommerce store or you have your own website, you can track the traffic, clicks and conversions happening on your website.

  • Example:

    • let’s say you have a product and your offer page is at:
    • On this offer page, visitors then click “Buy Now” button and are taken to the Check out page where they enter their details for purchase and click through to your payment processor.
    • After completing their purchase, visitors are then sent to an order thank you page or order confirmation page.
    • the setup is simple: visit - order - checkout
  • The conversion path is:

    Offer Page –click➡️ Check out Page –click ➡️ Payment Page –purchase ➡️ Thank You Page

Below we will describe what you need to do in order to setup your campaign in CPV Lab Pro and what you need to do on your website.

1. Setup your Campaign details as usual

  • Go and create a "Direct Link and Landing Page" campaign
  • Fill the General settings information as usual.
  • But, since you are the Merchant in this case
    • you can change the Redirect Type to Direct
    • no need to worry about passing the referrer

Merchant Redirect Type

2. Next Enter your Offer Page / Sales Page as the Landing Page in CPV Lab Pro

Merchant Landing Page

  • On this page, add the code from your Step 2: Add Code to Landing Pages Paste on Landing Page before the </body> tag

    • you can find the code on the "Links & Pixels" section on the Campaign Setup page Merchant Landing page code sample
    • Then set the link on the “Buy Now” button or link to:

3. Then Enter your Checkout Page as the Offer

Merchant Offer setup

4. Place the Tracking Pixel on your Order Thank You / Confirmation Page

  • Place your tracking pixel on the Thank you or Confirmation page
  • In this example the Confirmation page is:

  • You’ll add your pixel in the page above:

<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" />

Last Updated: 3/9/2024, 11:25:39 AM