Tracking Subscribers without Using a Thank You Page


This section is valid for Lead Capture and Landing Page Sequence Campaigns

  • Lead Capture (Opt-In / Subscriber) Campaigns generally use a thank you page after the opt-in (after the user details are captured), that contains:
    • a link to the next landing page or the offer
    • tracking code that records the subscriber / opt-in: <img src="" />
LPs –optin ➡️ Thank You
base2.php adsub.php

Within CPV Lab Pro you also have the ability to create Landing Page Sequence and Lead Capture Campaigns without a Thank You page while still being able to track subscribers in real-time.

  • To Run Lead Capture Campaigns WITHOUT a Thank You page will require one change:
    • instead of redirecting to the thank you page each time a subscriber is recorded, simply redirect to
LPs –optin ➡️ Offer / LP
  • Notice the ‘?adsub=1’ which tells the base3.php page that the Thank You page doesn’t exist and will track a subscriber

  • Aweber and other autoresponders allow setting the redirect URL.

    • The Autoresponder redirect URL should be the Thank You page or the base3.php?adsub=1 page, depending on whether you have a Thank You page or not .
With Thank You Page Without Thank You Page


With Thank You Page Without Thank You Page
Landing page Contains opt-in form Contains opt-in form
Opt-in form redirect URL Redirects to thank-you page Redirects to base3.php?adsub=1
Thank You page redirect Redirects to base3.php -

Tracking Double Opt-In Subscriber

  • When using Double Opt-In you have this general visitor flow or path:

Opt-In Landing Page ➡️ Confirmation Page telling them to check their email ➡️ Check their email and Click the Confirmation Link ➡️ Thank You Page with Link to click through to an Offer

  • The setup is similar to a standard Lead Capture campaign:

    1. Landing Page with opt-in form
    2. Redirect to confirmation page that tells users to check email
    3. Send email to users with link to the thank you page
    4. Thank you page that contains:
      • Code for tracking subscribers: <img src="<>" />
      • Link to offer page through the base3.php page (link provided on campaign setup page in the Links&ampPixels section):
    5. Offer page
  • The subscribers will be marked in CPV Lab Pro only after confirming their email address through the confirmation link.

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