“Templating” Campaigns

  • If you want to create multiple campaigns with the same landing pages and offers, but still need to know which campaign sent the visitor in the pages, then you can use a template campaign and clone it.
  • The template campaign allows you to include the {!campid!} parameter in the landing page and offer URLs and all the campaigns cloned based on this template campaign will replace the wildcard with the actual Campaign ID.
  • The template campaign won’t be used for tracking visitors, all the campaigns cloned from the template campaign will do the tracking.
  • The template campaign will be defined just like a normal campaign, but you will place the {!campid!} wildcard in the landing page and offer names and URLs where you want the Campaign ID to appear.


  • Step 1. The template campaign will be:

    • CampaignID: 1
      • Landing Page Name: LP for Campaign {!campid!}
      • Landing Page URL: http://domain.com/lp.php?source=camp{!campid!}
      • Offer Name: Offer for Campaign {!campid!}
      • Offer URL: http://offer.com/page.php?source={!campid!}
  • Step 2. Now, Clone the template campaign and create the first campaign that will receive traffic

    • CampaignID: 2
      • Landing Page Name: LP for Campaign 2
      • Landing Page URL: http://domain.com/lp.php?source=camp2
      • Offer Name: Offer for Campaign 2
      • Offer URL: http://offer.com/page.php?source=2
  • Step 3. When you clone the template again, you get the second campaign for traffic:

    • CampaignID: 3
      • Landing Page Name: LP for Campaign 3
      • Landing Page URL: http://domain.com/lp.php?source=camp3
      • Offer Name: Offer for Campaign 3
      • Offer URL: http://offer.com/page.php?source=3
  • You can clone the template campaign as many times as you need.

  • This will save time in case you need to create campaigns with similar pages.

  • You can also modify each new campaign individually if you need to make small changes to it.

This feature will work even if you have different landing page URLs.

  • Step 1. You can name your landing pages as:

    • lp2.php
    • lp3.php
    • lp4.php
    • And then the template campaign will have the landing page URL as:


  • Step 2. When you clone this campaign 3 times, you get 3 campaigns with the landing pages that will match the names from above:

    • http://domain.com/lp2.php
    • http://domain.com/lp3.php
    • http://domain.com/lp4.php
  • There are many variations for this feature and it can be used in multiple ways.

  • The main idea is that if you have the {!campid!}wildcard in a campaign and you clone it, the wildcard will be replaced with the Campaign ID from the new campaign.

Last Updated: 6/6/2019, 4:24:09 PM