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  • Redirect Profiles allow you to Redirect Visitors for any campaign, by specific conditions, such as:
    • Location (Country, State or City)
    • the Type of Device they are using
    • Brand of Device they are using
    • Supported Screen Size
    • etc. (choose from over 40 conditions to create specific visitor segments)


Important: All Offer and Landing Page URLs defined in a campaign should have numeric UNIQUE IDs assigned to them. Eg: 1, 2, 3, 102, 203, etc.

A. Page fields and details

Redirect Profiles

1. Select Campaign

  • Choose a Campaign the Redirect Profile will be applied to.

2. Edit Campaign

3. Active

  • Set this Redirect Profile Active or Inactive.

4. Profile Name

  • Enter a Name for the Redirect Profile.

5. Operator to apply between conditions

  • For example: if you set Conditions for Country and Device Type:
    • AND - Both the Country & Device Type Conditions must be met for the redirect to occur
    • OR- Only one of the set Conditions, Country or Device Type must be met for the redirect to occur

6. “IF” – Select Redirect Conditions

  • Use the Simple dropdown menus to select and add Conditions to the redirect profile.
  • Choose from over 40 Conditions such as GEO (Country, State, City), Carrier or Device.

7. Add Condition

  • By default you view 3 Conditions, and you can use just 1 Condition to create a redirect or any combination of multiple conditions.
  • Click "add condition" to add more conditions to the profile.

8. “THEN” – Select Redirect Destination

  • Redirect to LP - This will give you a list of active pages within the selected campaign.
  • Redirect to Offer - This will give you a list of active offers within the selected campaign.
  • Direct to Offer - This will skip any landing pages & direct the visitor to an Offer.
  • Redirect to URL - Enter any URL you want to redirect the visitors that fit the profile to.

9. Save

  • Click the SAVE button to save the new redirect profile
  • it will show up in the datagrid from the bottom of the page

10. Current Redirect Profiles and Actions

  • View All Redirect Profiles for the Selected Campaign, Edit Profiles, Delete Profiles or Clone Profiles for Quick Creation of New Profiles.

11. Import Redirect Profiles

  • Here you can import profiles from other campaigns.
  • Import from campaign – Select the campaign you want to import redirect profiles from.
  • Profiles to import – Select the profiles in the selected campaign to import into the current campaign.

B. Custom Redirects by Incoming Parameters

  • You can now create Redirect Profiles based on incoming parameters within the **campaign URL for each visitor. **
    • Example:

      • Let’s say you’re running a Facebook Ads Campaign and you have created an Extra Token with the parameter as age

      Redirect Profile Extra Token

      • Within the campaign you are targeting 3 age ranges, by replacing “edit” with the actual age range as:
  • This will return the data in the Campaign URL and Stats as:
  • With this data, you can Create a Redirect Profile to redirect each age range to a specific Landing Page, Offer or URL

Age condition



A - Select the Extra Token you would like to use to trigger the redirect.

B - Enter the Data as returned for the selected token to trigger the redirect.

C - Choose the redirect destination for this type of visitor.

Example of Redirects:

  • IF Age is 25_30
    • THEN redirect ➡️ Landing Page A / Offer A
  • IF Age is 31_35
    • THEN redirect ➡️ Landing Page B / Offer B

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