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  • Redirect Profiles allow you to Redirect Visitors for any campaign, by specific conditions, such as:
    • Location (Country, State or City)
    • the Type of Device they are using
    • Brand of Device they are using
    • Supported Screen Size
    • etc. (choose from over 40 conditions to create specific visitor segments)


Important: All Offer and Landing Page URLs defined in a campaign should have numeric UNIQUE IDs assigned to them. Eg: 1, 2, 3, 102, 203, etc.

A. Page fields and details

Redirect Profiles

1. Select Campaign

  • Choose a Campaign the Redirect Profile will be applied to.

2. Edit Campaign

3. Active

  • Set this Redirect Profile Active or Inactive.

4. Profile Name

  • Enter a Name for the Redirect Profile.
  • When setting up a campaign you can easily pick up a Redirect Profile for it. So, use an easy to remember name.

5. Operator to apply between conditions

  • For example: if you set Conditions for Country and Device Type:
    • AND - Both the Country & Device Type Conditions must be met for the redirect to occur
    • OR- Only one of the set Conditions, Country or Device Type must be met for the redirect to occur

Example with AND operator:

  • Country is "Austalia" AND Type of device is "Phone"
    • This condition will tell CPVLab to check both conditions must apply in the same time for the redirect to happen

CPVLab - Redirect Profiles example with AND operator

Example with OR operator:

  • Browser is "Chrome" OR Type of device is "Phone"
    • This condition will tell CPVLab to check if only one of the 2 conditions apply at a time for the redirect to happen,

CPVLab - Redirect Profiles example with OR operator

6. “IF” – Select Redirect Conditions

  • Use the Simple dropdown menus to select and add Conditions to the redirect profile.
  • Choose from over 40 Conditions such as GEO (Country, State, City), Carrier or Device.
  • Select the parameter for which you want to add a condition and then select from the options available for it in the list "Search in Items".

For example, if you choose "Browser" then you can select what kind of browsers from the loaded list:

CPVLab - Redirect Profiles example with IF operator

7. Add Condition

  • By default you view 3 Conditions, and you can use just 1 Condition to create a redirect or any combination of multiple conditions.
  • Click "add condition" to add more conditions to the profile.

8. “THEN” – Select Redirect Destination

  • Redirect to LP - This will give you a list of active pages within the selected campaign.
  • Redirect to Offer - This will give you a list of active offers within the selected campaign.
  • Direct to Offer - This will skip any landing pages & direct the visitor to an Offer.
  • Redirect to URL - Enter any URL you want to redirect the visitors that fit the profile to.

9. Save

  • Click the SAVE button to save the new redirect profile
  • it will show up in the datatable from the bottom of the page

10. Current Redirect Profiles and Actions

  • View All Redirect Profiles for the Selected Campaign, Edit Profiles, Delete Profiles or Clone Profiles for Quick Creation of New Profiles.

    Redirect Profile - current redirect profiles for the selected campaign

11. Import Redirect Profiles

  • Here you can import profiles from other campaigns.
    • Import from campaign – Select the campaign you want to import redirect profiles from.
    • Profiles to import – Select the profiles in the selected campaign to import into the current campaign.

B. Custom Redirects by Incoming Parameters

  • You can now create Redirect Profiles based on incoming parameters within the **campaign URL for each visitor. **
    • Example:

      • Let’s say you’re running a Facebook Ads Campaign and you have created an Extra Token with the parameter as age

      Redirect Profile Extra Token

      • Within the campaign you are targeting 3 age ranges, by replacing “edit” with the actual age range as:
  • This will return the data in the Campaign URL and Stats as:
  • With this data, you can Create a Redirect Profile to redirect each age range to a specific Landing Page, Offer or URL

Age condition



A - Select the Extra Token you would like to use to trigger the redirect.

B - Enter the Data as returned for the selected token to trigger the redirect.

C - Choose the redirect destination for this type of visitor.

Example of Redirects:

  • IF Age is 25_30
    • THEN redirect ➡️ Landing Page A / Offer A
  • IF Age is 31_35
    • THEN redirect ➡️ Landing Page B / Offer B

Find more details in the video below:

Video Tutorial for setting up your redirect profile with CPV Lab (opens new window)

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