Quick-Stat Views

Navigation: Settings ➡️ Quick Stat Views

  • Quick-Stat Views make it easy to save your favorite and most frequently used views for access with just 1-Click from within the Campaign Stats – Target Performance Section.

Page fields and details

Quick Stat Views

1. Name

  • Enter a Name for the View

2. Notes

  • Enter any notes as needed

3. Select the Data Points to include in the view

  • You will see the data you choose, will appear in #4 below as they are selected.

4. Arrange Columns for the View

  • Set the order of the columns as you want them to appear when loaded from the Campaign Stats.
  • Just Drag & Drop and then Click SAVE.
  • Below is how it looks on the Campaign Stats page:

Quick View Stats

5. Current Stats Views and Actions

  • Use to Edit Current Stat Views, Delete or Clone a View for Easy Editing.
Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM