Postback URLs

The same URL used in the CPV Lab Pro tracking pixel can be also used as Postback URL for networks that do not support the placement of tracking pixels. In this case you need to have your Offer Source append the CPV Lab Pro subID to the postback URL in the subid parameter.

  • Simply enter the Postback URL as:
    • where subid-token-here should be replaced by the actual token used by your Offer Source to pass back the SubID.

Using your Tracking Pixel to Postback SubIDs

  • When adding a postback url to your CPA/Affiliate network (if they support the ability to postback converting SubIds) you simply need to add their token for this to the end of your pixel/postback url.
  • Example:
    • CPV Lab Pro will mark the conversion for this subID no matter what value is stored in the tracking cookie
    • In this example, you simply replace {subid} as shown above, with the token your network supports for this postback feature

Postback Revenue from CPA/Affiliate Networks

  • The parameter used for posting the revenue can be configured for each Network from the ‘Offer Sources’ page located at the following path: Settings ➡️ Offer Sources
  • The default parameter for Networks is ‘revenue’.

Revenue Paramater CPV Lab Pro

  • The revenue can be added either to the image/iframe/script version of the tracking pixel, either to the Postback URL like this:

    • example for Image Tracking Pixel

    <img src="http://cpvlabpro/adclick.php?revenue=%REVENUE%" width="1" height="1" border="0" />

    • example for Postback URL:


    • In these examples the SubID and Revenue Tokens are %SID% and %REVENUE% respectively. The name of these tokens depend on the Offer Source used.
  • If no revenue is passed, CPV Lab Pro will use the set payout in the Campaign setup page as the default.


Note: You need to make sure you use the correct tokens as supported by the Cart/Affiliate/CPA network

Find more details in the video below: (opens new window)

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