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  • The Optimize Page works by Applying Optimization Profiles you created to campaigns, in order to show you the actions you should take, based on the goals you setup.
  • This allows you to make decisions once and CPV Lab Pro will always make that decision for you from then on.

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Optimize Page

  • Follow these Simple Steps:
    • Step 1 - Select Campaign
    • Step 2 - Select Optimization Profile to Apply to the Campaign
    • Step 3 - Select the Data Source to Use, either the Current Stats or a Report
    • Step 4 - Adjust Bids for Export (Optional)
      • Any CPC/CPV adjustments you make here will show in the Optimization Report as "Adjusted CPC/CPV"
      • This does not update this information at your traffic source, this information is used to show in the Optimization Report the specific actions to take.
    • Step 5 - Optimize!
      • When all settings have been entered and you're ready to create the optimization report click the "Optimize it" button
    • Step 6 - You'll then see the Optimization Report with Sections for Targets/Keywords, Landing Pages, Offers and the Overall Campaign Performance.
      • The Key Information in this Report is in the "ACTION" Column, to show you want to do, based on the Goals in the Optimization Profile.
      • 1 of 3 Actions will be show for each Target/Keyword, Landing Page and Offer in the Campaign.
        • Winner - Optimization Profile Goals Reached
        • Remove - Optimization Profile Goals NOT Reached
        • In Progress - Not enough Data yet to make a decision
    • Step7 - Once the Report is Created, you can Export the Targets/Keywords into a CSV File or All the Data to a CSV File.

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