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  • One of the most time consuming elements of any paid media campaign is generally the optimization.

    • You have to look through your stats and make decisions based on the data.
    • Campaign Optimization Filters allow you to make these decisions ONCE, and then CPV Lab Pro will handle the decision making process from there automatically and give you a Simple Optimization Report with the Actions to take based on the Profile you created.
  • Optimization Profiles work very much like Alert Profiles and allow you to assign campaigns a specific optimization profile with set metrics goals.

  • The Stats page will use the Optimization Profile assigned to each campaign when displaying the Remove/Change options in Red, and any Winners in Yellow.

  • When you open a campaign in the Optimize section of CPV Lab Pro, it will automatically apply these filters to the stats and give you a breakdown of what needs to be done within the campaign, broken down into 3 categories: Winners, In Progress & Remove.

A. Page fields and details

Optimization Profiles

1. Optimization Profile Name

  • Enter a Name for this Optimization Profile

2. Remove/Change Filters

  • You can use all of these options, or only a few. It’s completely up to you.
  • Enter goals that will trigger alerts if they are not reached.

3. Winner Filters

  • As with Remove / Change Filters, you can use all of these options, or only a few. It’s completely up to you.
  • Enter goals that will mark Winning Targets/Keywords, Pages & Offers in Campaign Stats.

4. Upload Optimization Profile

  • You can upload Optimization Profile Files (xml files) that you share or receive from other users, etc.

5. Current Optimization Profiles and Actions

  • Edit, Delete and Export Optimization Profiles to Share.

6. Export All Optimization Profiles

  • Export All Optimization Profiles in One XML File.

B. Assign Optimization Profiles to Campaigns

  • On the Add / Edit Campaign Setup for any campaign type you’ll see the Profiles Menu on the Right-side of the Primary Settings.
  • Just click to expand to view the Profile options
  • Select the Alert and/or Optimization Profile to assign to the campaign
  • Then Click Save Campaign

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