Offer Management

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  • The Offer Management Page allows you to Enter the Offers that you use frequently to quickly add them to a new or existing campaign.
  • When adding New Offers to Campaigns, you’ll see the Offers saved, available in a Dropdown Box on the Campaign Setup page what will automatically populate the Offer Data.
  • Or you can Add Offer or Update Offers across Multiple Campaigns at one time. For more details check Add Offer to Campaigns


In order to have 100% accurate reports for your offers, we recommend you to use predefined offers for your campaigns.

1. Page fields and details

Offer Management Page

1. Offer Name

  • Enter an Offer Name

2. Offer Status

  • Check if the offer is active or inactive
  • You can change the status from active to inactive easily from the table

Offer Management Page Active toggle

3. URL

  • Enter the Offer URL

4. Source

  • Select the Offer Source.
  • The Offer source is the Affiliate Network or "In-House" if it is your own offer

5. Payout

  • Set the Offer Payout for Each Conversion / Sale.

6. Notes

  • Enter notes about the offer, such as GEO-Restrictions, Caps, etc.

7. Group

  • Set the Offer Group
  • If the group is not in the dropdown, then select "Add New" from the list and add the new group
  • The group will allow you to keep offers more organized

Offer Management Page Add new group

2. Bulk Import

  • Copy your offers from a CSV file and import them in CPV Lab at once
  • The Bulk import function allows you to paste the offers in the textbox and click Save to have them imported.

Offers bulk import

3. Current Offers and Actions

  • Here is a table with all your predefined offers
  • Edit or Delete existing Offers or Click “Add to Campaign” to add an Offer to a Campaign or Multiple Campaigns.
  • You can activate/deactivate the offers directly from the table
  • You can bulk delete the offers by selecting the ones you want to delete.
    • select the offers you want to remove
    • Click the "GO" button under the table

Offer Management Page bulk delete

Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM