Multi-user access

  • Now you can allow your team members or partners to access specific campaigns from your CPV Lab Pro instance.
  • The available roles are:
    • Admin - will get access to the entire instance of CPV Lab Pro. He can add other users, change roles permissions but he can't change the permissions for the General Admin (usually the owner of the CPV Lab Pro account)
    • Editor - can add or modify certain campaigns; but he can't change settings or add new users
    • Viewer - can check the reports for certain campaigns

How to add a new user

  • Go to Settings ➡️ User Accounts
  • You will see a page like in the image below:
    • a section to add /modify an account
    • a section with a list of accounts

User accounts page

Fields explanations

The fields for username, password and role are self-explanatory.

  • 1. Time Zone

    • When you select a specific timezone for an user, then that user will see the reports based on that timezone
  • 2. Default Page

    • The page the user will see by default when he will logins in CPV Lab Pro
  • 3. Access level

    • Access to all campaigns - with this option the user will get access to all the existing campaigns.

      • for "Admin" and "Editor" roles, these users will also get access to the new campaigns created by them.
    • Access only to these campaigns - the user will get access only to a list of campaigns. All the reports will show just these campaigns. access only to selected campaigns

    • Access to all campaigns except these - with this option you can restrict access to certain campaigns. The user will get access to all other campaigns, except the ones selected in this list.

    access except to selected campaigns

Permissions for each Role

Viewer Role

Role Name Page
Viewer Campaigns Dashboard
Viewer Campaigns Stats
Viewer Export campaigns to Excel
Viewer Conversions List
Viewer Subscribers List
Viewer GEO Stats
Viewer GEO Details
Viewer Mobile Audience
Viewer Visitor Stats
Viewer Blocked Traffic
Viewer Campaign Reports
Viewer Reports Overview
Viewer Trends
Viewer Conversion Log

Editor Role

Role Name Page
Editor Campaigns Dashboard
Editor Add Campaign
Editor Direct and Landing Page Campaign
Editor Email Followup Campaign
Editor Lead Capture Campaign
Editor Multiple Options Campaign
Editor Multiple Paths Campaign
Editor Campaigns Stats
Editor Export campaigns to Excel
Editor Conversions List
Editor Subscribers List
Editor GEO Stats
Editor GEO Details
Editor Mobile Audience
Editor Visitor Stats
Editor Blocked Traffic
Editor Update Conversions
Editor Update Excat CPC
Editor Current Bids List
Editor Campaign Reports
Editor Upload Reports
Editor Ad Spend Templates
Editor Reports Overview
Editor Trends
Editor Conversion Log
Editor Alert Profiles
Editor Optimization Profiles
Editor Redirect Profiles
Editor Optimize page
Editor Cloacking - Short Links
Editor MV Lab
Editor Landing Page Rotator

Admin Role

Role Name Page
Admin Access to all the pages

A new admin will get access to the entire application!


Editor Role:

  • How does it look for an editor? check the video below!

Viewer Role:

  • How does it look for a viewer? check the video below!