Logins List

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  • View all login attempts to your CPV Lab Pro installation, with full details of the visitor who attempted to login with the Date and Time, the Username and Password they tried to use, their IP Address and Location.
  • You can see succesful logins as well as failed logins
  • If you see repeat offenders then use the IP Manager Utility within Cpanel to the block the IP from your server.

Page fields and details

Logins Page

1. Date Range

  • Select a Date Range to View Failed Logins

2. Login type

  • Select if you want to see "All Logins" or only attempted and failed logins

3. Clear Logins

  • Click to Remove All Login Data from the server until this moment.

4. Export to CSV

  • Export to CSV the data displayed in the table
Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM