Landing Page Management

Navigation: Settings ➡️ LPs Management

  • The Landing Page Management Page allows you to Enter the Landing Pages that you use frequently to quickly add them to a new or existing campaign.
  • When adding New Landing Pages to Campaigns, you’ll see the Landing Pages saved, available in a Dropdown Box on the Campaign Setup page what will automatically populate the Landing Page Data.

Page fields and details

LP Management Page

1. Landing Page Name

  • Enter an Landing Page Name

2. URL

  • Enter the Landing Page URL

3. Notes

  • Enter notes about the offer, such as GEO-Restrictions, Caps, etc.

4. Active / Inactive

  • Set the Landing Page Status.

5. Current Landing Pages and Actions

  • Edit or Delete existing Landing Pages
Last Updated: 12/24/2019, 10:10:17 PM