Navigation: Settings ➡️ Groups

  • Create Campaign Groups to Organize your Campaigns and Stats.
    • Add a Campaign Group and then when creating Campaigns, select from the Group Dropdown.
  • Create Landing Page Groups to keep your landing pages organized
  • Create Offer groups to keep your offers organized
    • When you add your offers in CPV Lab, select a group for each category of offers to keep them organized

Page fields and details

 Groups Page

1. Menu

  • Pick what kind of group you want to add

2. Group Name

  • Enter a Name for this Group.
  • Click "add new group" and the new group was saved

3. Table with current groups

  • A data table showing all the existing groups for the selected category

3. Current Campaign Groups & Actions

  • Edit or Delete Campaign Groups

  • On the Campaign Setup page you can select the Campaign Group when creating a campaign (section #8)

Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM