Error Log

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  • The Error Log page shows you any messages or errors related to General Database Functions, CRON Jobs to Install and Update Processes.
  • This also makes support requests easier by Exporting Error Log to CSV.

Page fields and details

Error Log Page

1. Date Range

  • Select the Date Range to View
  • Most Useful is a short period of time to quickly see recent messages, such as “Today”.

2. Error Type

  • Select the Type of Message to Filter by
  • Or the Default is set to All.

3. Remove errors before

  • Click to Select a Date and all errors prior to this date will be removed from the database.
  • You can also automate this function from the General Settings

4. Export to CSV

  • Export to CSV the data displayed in the DataGrid
Last Updated: 6/6/2019, 4:24:09 PM