Email Follow-Up Campaign Setup

To setup an Email Follow-Up Campaign you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1. Setup the General Settings for the Campaign: Name, Stats CPV, etc

Some new fields available on this page:

  • Assign to - Here you can select the campaign that is building the mailing list. Then when you view the Campaign Performance stats for that campaign
    • you’ll also be able to see the amount of revenue the mailing list has generated.
    • this allows you to quickly determine how effective your list building efforts are long term
  • Link Redirect/Destination - Select Link Redirection to Landing Page or Offer

Email Follow-up General Settings

Step 2. Add your Landing Pages (Optional) and Offers for Each Email

  • # Emails Sent - Enter the number of emails being sent

    • you can have multiple emails setup
    • each email will have a number of emails that are sent
  • Email # - A numeric number is assigned for each email (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.)

  • Enter a Name and URL for each Landing Page

  • Enter a unique numeric ID for each landing page in the Campaign

  • Set the Share% for each LP. Total Share% must add up to 100%

  • Enter a Name and URL for each Offer

    • If you are Passing the SubID to the Offer then enter the URL with the SubID variable added, with no data entered for the SubID.
      • Example:
      • The SubID variable added to the URL can have any name you need (SubID, SID, etc)
  • Select the Offer Source

  • Enter the Conversion Payout

  • At the end you will have 3 buttons:

    • Add Landing Page - to add a new Landing Page to the Path
    • Add Offer - to add a new Offer to that Email
    • Add Email - to add a new Email Section with new Landing Pages and new Offers

Add landing pages and offers


Direct Linking to Offers from Emails: To Direct Link to Offers from an Email, just leave the Landing Page settings blank and enter the Offer/s.

Step 3. Save Campaign

  • Click the "Save Campaign" button

Save Campaign

You will find all your samples (links and pixels) in the "Links & Pixles" section of your Campaign.

Links and pixels

  • If using Landing Pages:

    • Code your links to the offer/s on your landing pages using the Step 1 link code.
    • Enter the Step 2 Code directly above the closing body tag </body> on each of your landing pages.
  • Add Links to your emails

    • Replace 'xxx' with the Email # for the email that you are sending
  • You can find Pixel Samples in the "Links & Pixels" section of your campaign:

Tracking Pixel

Step 5. Set the Redirect Profiles for your campaign (Optional)

Redirect Profile Campaign

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