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The Dashboard shows a summary of the most important information from your campaigns.

Campaigns Page

Page fields and details

The page is structured in a few important sections:

1. Date Range

  • Date Range - from here you can pick the time period for the information displayed next
  • Usually this is setup for the current week or the current day

Dashboard Date Range

2. Metrics

  • The Metrics section contains 7 important metrics which will show an overview for all your campaigns.
  • All the information is for the period selected in the Date Range field:
    • Number of visitors
    • Number of Clicks
    • Conversions
    • Revenue Value
    • Cost Value
    • P/L
    • ROI

Dashboard Metrics

3. TOP 5

  • The Top 5 Section includes 5 data tables with an overview of the top 5 most performing or less performing : campaigns, countries, Traffic Sources, Landing Pages and Offers
  • For each Data table you can view the Cost, Revenue or ROI

Dashboard Top 5

4. Campaigns List Chart

  • This chart is a visual display of the information showing in the TOP 5 campaigns data table

Campaigns Chart Top 5

5. Visitors Chart

  • This graph is a visual representation of the Visitors coming to the Top 5 campaigns in the period selected as Date Range.
  • This chart will help which day/hour brought more visitors

Dashboard Visitors Chart

6. Visual Share Charts

  • There are 3 charts available in this section
    • Device Types - showing the type of the devices used when accessing the campaigns
    • Browsers - the browsers used
    • Operating System - the operating systems used by the visitors

Dashboard Visitors Chart

7. Top Campaigns Overview

  • this section includes a data table showing an overview with he most important metrics for the top 5 Campaigns

Dashboard Visitors Chart

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