Conversion Log Page

The Conversion Log page shows all the Postback URL calls that occurred in your campaigns and details about them.

  • This is useful when you are missing conversions in order to check if the Affiliate Network was calling the Postback URL and also when you get inaccurate details for your conversions in order to verify what data got passed from the Affiliate Network.

Navigation Settings ➡️ Conversion Log



  • This page is not designed to show a list of conversions!
  • If the Postback URL was fired twice for a visitor, then this page shows 2 entries for that visitor.
  • This page is just a log with all the Postback URL calls which is designed to help you debug potential Postback URL issues. For an accurate list of your conversions please check the Conversion List page.

Page fields and details

Conversion Log Page

1. Select Campaign

  • Choose a Campaign to see Postback URL calls for or select ‘All Campaign’ to see calls for all campaigns

2. Date Range

  • Select the Date Range to View
  • Most Useful is a short period of time to quickly see recent messages, such as “Today” or “Past 7 Days”.

3. Remove conversion log entries before

  • Click to Select a Date and all conversion log entries prior to this date will be removed from the database.

4. Export to CSV

  • Export to CSV the data displayed in the data table
Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM