Change the Hosting for your current CPV Lab Pro

  • This use case describes the steps to be done when you want to change your current Hosting company (where you currently have an instance of CPV Lab Pro (opens new window))

The move to the new hosting will involve:

  • make a backup of the existing CPV Lab Pro database on the old server (using PhpMyAdmin or other database tool)

    • if you have a small size database, you can use "Database backup" from General Settings
  • get all files and folders from the old server

  • upload all files and folders on the new server

  • set write permissions (777) to the following directories on the new server:

    • smarty/templates_c
    • phpbrowscap/BrowserCache
    • WURFLres
    • WURFLres/storage/cache
    • WURFLres/storage/persistence
  • create a new blank database on the new server

  • restore the database backup on the new server

  • if the new database has been created with a new name or a new user/password, then you will need to enter the new database details in the 'lib/db_params.php' file on the new server

  • If the domain remains exactly the same, that is it

  • If the domain is changed, you need to send an email to to change it for your license.

Last Updated: 6/6/2019, 4:24:09 PM