Calling Specific Pixels by Offer


This feature only applies to Multiple Option and Landing Page Sequence Campaigns as it only applies to campaigns where 1 user can convert on multiple offers.

  • This is extremely useful for those running Offer Path or Co-Reg Style campaigns where 1 unique visitor can convert on multiple offers.
  • This feature greatly improves the accuracy while adding minimal effort to the campaign setup.

You’ll notice the following section on the Add/Edit Campaign pages for these campaign types, in the Links and Pixels section:

Call Pixel from offer

  • The pixel varies slightly per offer
  • This greatly increases the accuracy when tracking multiple conversions from 1 visitor.

Example with 3 different offers:

  • the visitor can potentially convert on 3 different offers.
  • each offer is setup as its own option and then assigned an Offer ID as shown in the image above
  • when placing your conversion pixel for each offer you simply add ?ofr=CCC_XXX
  • CCC is replaced with the Campaign ID and XXX is replaced with the Offer ID (Not the Option Number, but the ID assigned to the Offer as shown in the image above).

Example with 3 offers

  • This process does take a few extra seconds when placing your pixels, but when running campaigns like this it greatly improves the accuracy for multiple conversions per visitor.

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Last Updated: 6/6/2019, 4:24:09 PM