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The API Integrations page will allow you to connect to different traffic sources via API so you can automatically pass conversion, costs and other informations to the traffic source.

API Integrations List

Using this page, you can connect to different traffic sources and see information about the latest imported data.

Microsoft (Bing) Ads integration

Step 1: Connect CPV Lab with Microsoft Ads

You need to click on the box whit "Microsoft Advertising" logo and follow the steps to connect CPV Lab to Bing Ads.

Bing Ads List

Step 2: Check the report with the latest updates

On the page you have a report showing the latest integrations. For each traffic source you can have multiple integrations (in case you have multiple accounts).

API Integrations Report

TikTok API integration

At the moment the integration with TikTOk API is done directly from the campaign setup page. You can find more details about this here.

At the moment the integration with Google Ads API is done from the campaign level.

1. Select Campaign

  • Select a Campaign to View Conversions.

2 & 3. Date Range / Preset Date Ranges

  • Enter a Date Range or Select a Preset Interval

4. Show records by

  • View the Conversions based on the Initial Visit Date or the Date of the Actual Conversion.

5. Edit Campaign

  • Jump to the Edit Campaign page for the Selected Campaign.

6. Export CSV

  • Export all Conversion Stats in view to a CSV file.

7.Data Options

  • Choose from over 30 Different Data Points to View in the Incoming Visitor Stats.

8. Converting Visitors Stats and Columns

  • Drag-and-Drop Column Titles to Reorder and Arrange the Stats as you prefer.
  • Also, click any Column Title to Sort by the selected Column.
Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM