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  • Set Goal-Based Alerts to quickly identify the under-performers in the campaign that are draining ad spend and not generating revenue. Create Alerts based on Click, Subscriber and/or Conversion Goals.

A. Page fields and details

Alert Profiles Page

1. Alert Profile Name

  • Enter a Name for this Alert Profile

2. Target / Keyword Alerts

  • You can use all of these options, or only a few. It’s completely up to you.
  • Enter goals that will trigger alerts if they are not reached.

3. Campaign Alerts

  • These are great to schedule when it’s time to review or optimize a campaign.
    • For example
      • set this to 5,000 Views/Visitor for both settings
  • Then you can simply login to CPV Lab Pro, check out the campaign and determine what to do from there. The same with the other campaign alerts settings.
  • This way, you know exactly when to review and optimize a campaign, with no additional effort.

4. Upload Alert Profile

  • You can upload Alert Profile Files (xml files) that you share or receive from other users, etc.

5. Current Alert Profiles and Actions

  • Edit, Delete and Export Alert Profiles to Share.

B. Where will Alerts be Displayed

  • On the Campaign Setup page you will be able to select an Alert Profile for each Campaign
  • Then, the Stats page will use the Alert Profile assigned to each campaign when displaying the alerts information (the lines in red color).

C. Assign Alert Profiles to Campaigns

  • On the Add / Edit Campaign Setup for any campaign type you’ll see the Profiles Menu on the Right-side of the Primary Settings.
  • Click to expand to view the Profile options.
  • Select the Alert and/or Optimization Profile to assign to the campaign
  • Click Save Campaign.

Alert Profiles Campaign Page

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