Adding Revenues from the Conversion Pixel

The default behavior of the conversion tracking pixel is to record the revenue of the current click if it receives revenue as a parameter.

  • This means that: if the tracking pixel is called again for the same click (same subID) but with a different revenue value then CPV Lab Pro will register the last value as the revenue.

But, there is another behavior possible!!


You can sum-up the revenues passed through the tracking pixel for the same click, if the tracking pixel fires multiple times.

In order to activate this behavior you will have to add the ‘&cladd=true’ modifier to the tracking pixel URL.

  • Example1: Default behavior of the conversion pixel

    • If the CPV Lab Pro conversion pixel is called as: http://cpvlabpro/adclick?subid=qqqqqq_1_2&revenue=11

      • This will set the revenue to 11 for the click having ‘qqqqqq_1_2’ as subID.
    • If the conversion pixel fires again as: http://cpvlabpro/adclick?subid=qqqqqq_1_2&revenue=12

    • Then the revenue for the click with ‘qqqqqq_1_2’ as subID will be set to 12.

  • Example2: The modified behavior to Add Revenues Together

    • If the tracking pixel is called first like:

    http://cpvlabpro/adclick?subid=qqqqqq_1_2&revenue=11&cladd=true - This will set the revenue to 11 for the click having ‘qqqqqq_1_2’ as subID.

    • If the tracking pixel fires again as: http://cpvlabpro/adclick?subid=qqqqqq_1_2&revenue=12&cladd=true
      • Then the revenue for the click with ‘qqqqqq_1_2’ as subID will be set to the sum of the above 2 revenues, so 11 + 12 = 23

This is most useful when:

  • you have more than one offer in a campaign that a visitor can convert on multiples times
  • Or where you receive a payout for the initial click and also a conversion on the backend

Requirements for this feature to work:

  • the offer source has to support sending the revenue in the url using a token
  • and to use the 'cladd=true' parameter in the conversion pixel

You’ll enter your conversion pixel at the offer source as:



Note: Be sure to double check what parameter and token your network/source uses to pass or postback the revenue.

In the example above, the parameter is “revenue” and the token is <revenue-here>

When this pixel is called multiple times from the network/source for each conversion, the revenue will be added each time it’s passed or posted from the Network/Source.

  • Example:
    • first call will be:
      • http://cpvlabpro/adclick.php?cladd=true&revenue=10
      • in CPV Lab Pro the revenue is $10.
    • then the network calls the tracking pixel again for a new conversion:
      • http://cpvlabpro/adclick.php?cladd=true&revenue=$15
      • $15 will be added to the First Call => $25 revenue

This feature will also work regardless of what additional pixel functions you are using, such as:

  • with the 'subid' parameter
  • with the 'ofr' parameter
  • with the tracking cookie parameter 'cpvlabclick'

Don’t forget to set the parameter and token the offer source uses for sending the revenue in URL.

Last Updated: 6/6/2019, 4:24:09 PM