Add Offer to Campaigns

Navigation: Settings ➡️ Offer Management ➡️ Actions – Add to Campaign

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Add Offer to Campaigns Page

1. Select Offer

  • Choose the Offer to Update or Add to Campaigns.

2. Select Campaign/s to Add Offer

  • Use the Filters to Find the Specific Campaign or Multiple Campaigns you want to update or add the current offer to.
  • Filter Campaigns by Traffic Source, Campaign Group or Campaigns that Include a Specific Offer.

3. Campaigns List

  • Once the Filters are Set, you’ll see a Campaign List for each type of campaign:
    • Direct Link & Landing Page
    • Multiple Option
    • Multiple Path
    • Landing Page Sequence
    • Lead capture
    • Email Follow-up
  • You can Click any Campaign Name to Jump to the Campaign Settings Page.
  • Select the campaigns where you want to add the offer by using the "arrows" back and forth.

Add Offer to multiple Campaigns

4. Share %

  • Enter the Share% for the New Offer. This will be added to the Existing Share% used in the Campaign for all offers.
  • Example:
    • you’re adding an offer to a campaign and you set the Share% for the new offer to 20%
    • Since you’re adding this to an existing campaign, you’ll already have a total share% of 100% for all offers in the campaign.
    • The new offer will base the share% on 100% + the New Offer Share%, so in this case the Traffic will be shared based on 120%
    • The reason for this is to not throw off or have to change any existing share% in campaigns, while still adding new offers to the campaign and continue rotations for all offers.

5. Automatically Assign Unique Offer ID

  • By checking this option, CPV Lab PRo will automatically create a Unique Offer ID for the offer when it’s assigned to the campaign or campaigns.
  • This saves you the time of having to manually assign a unique offer ID for the offer in each campaign it’s being added to.
Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM